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We take control of your processes

Complex machines require complex software solutions

Your solution starts with your problem

Let’s make it clear. At SigmaNet we don’t start anything, we cannot finish. We follow through. Every time.

This is why all our projects start with a thorough analysis and assessment of your problem and needs for optimization.

From start to finish, we must learn about your entire business and domain before we get started.

And what you get is a customized solution that saves you valuable resources.

We help you go from idea and development to implementation and evaluation.

RouteMaster – Our intelligent planner for mobile robots

Streamline Your Production Flow: RouteMaster, our cutting-edge online planner, revolutionizes how you manage production goods transportation. By analyzing your production status, it meticulously plans mobile robot routes, ensuring smooth operations without bottlenecks or deadlocks.

scheduling, execution and controls of advanced cells in health care

Complex automation cells require complex software solutions; High level control software is the key to optimize efficiency in advanced and complex automation cells, like handling DNA or sorting blood samples.


Cyber physical systems for scheduling and planning

Planning and scheduling is one of the hardest disciplines in software, however crucial for biological material.

At SigmaNet we model complex machines and develop advanced scheduling software for keeping up with hard deadlines, execution paths and routing.


We develop, you make the difference

Automation is our common denominator

With modern technologies as our tools, we bring automation expertise to your IT project.

Robotics. Health care. Logistics. Warehouse. Distribution.

The most important thing is that you experience the value we bring to the table.

High level control systems
Scheduling software
Planning software
Service apps
Mobile apps
Web apps
Transparent and quality assured

But our belief in agile processes and test-driven development ensures quality outcome every single time.

Regardless of your problem, we dedicate ourselves to give you a solution.

We will always present you to possible challenges, outcomes, pitfalls, and results that may occur during the implementation. This is the transparency you get.

With that in mind, we do assure you that just as structure and coding go hand in hand, just as passionate are we about helping you.

That’s how we work. That’s the values you get when we manage projects. And that’s how we make you better.

Consulting: Clarify your possibilities

Before you make any investment in your next IT project, you might want a second opinion.

Hire us as your external IT consultants and get prepared for possible investments, savings, and results.