SigmaNet, the sum of people and code

At SigmaNet we help innovative companies by developing modern IT solutions, that optimize processes and create automation flows.

We want to make a difference for people in our society. We strive to do so by developing code and software to ground-breaking automations which matter.

IT and automation consultants based in Denmark

Simpler, smarter, and more efficient? These are the fundamental values for all our solutions. We believe that is process optimization at its best.

Our team consists of highly educated and skilled developers, engineers, and consultants. This gives us the perfect foundation to achieve our goal: develop code and software to meaningful automations.

We are based in Aalborg, Denmark, from where we help production companies, the health care industry, robotics companies, and many others.

All our work, whether it is project based or consulting, is permeated by honesty, transparency, and quality.

We live up to these standards by considering coding as a religion, and by believing in the methods of agile processes and test-driven development.  

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