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high level control systems for automations

With our global future in mind, we connect IT solutions with society.

IT projects

IT consulting


software and development

Through transparent and honest collaboration, we make your processes smarter, simpler, and more efficient.

How we want to make a difference

We want to make a difference for people and society.

If you operate within health care, logistics, warehouse, or distribution, you have found your next automation partner.

In our world, any process can be optimized, be more efficient, simpler, and smarter.

And optimization saves everyone valuable resources.

Projects: IT and automation solutions

Start your internal or external project with and in-depth analysis of your business area. 

After that, you will be presented with potential solutions and outcomes of your IT project solution.

We help you from idea to implementation.

Consulting: Clarify your possibilities

Before you make any investment in your next IT project, you might want a second opinion.

Hire us as your external IT consultants and get prepared for possible investments, savings, and results.


At SigmaNet, we use modern technologies in all our solutions.

We know when to apply specific tools, and most importantly we know when we shouldn’t apply them. It has to make sense.

This is how we build the future.

Optimizing our society with customized and automated IT solutions

In short, we create customized IT solutions for innovative companies that strive to optimize processes and make a different for society.

This is how we make our impact.